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Come to 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Wallflower Gallery!

Reunion Show

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Benefit Photo

239 photographs from the 19th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert in March 2017 at Wynwood Yard. (Images:  One Love Miami )

Benefit Photo

258 photographs from the 18th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert in February 2016 at Gramps in Wynwood. (Images:  One Love Miami )

Benefit Photo

See 208 photographs (images by One Love Miami Photography) of the 9th Annual Everglades Awareness Benefit in Sept 2016 at Gramps!

Benefit Photo

246 photographs from the 16th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert in January, 2014 at our final benefit at the legendary Tobacco Road. (Images:  One Love Miami )

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Medical Marijuana Benefit 2013

Notes from Flash:

The Wallflower Gallery - Six Years Later (May 2016)

May 1, 2016 marks the 6 year anniversary of The Wallflower Gallery's Closing Celebration - that was also our 13 Year Anniversary. It is strange to think about how long has passed and what has been done since then. I still regard The Wallflower Gallery as a wonderful opportunity and significant community platform that I was honored to direct. The Wallflower Gallery provided an artistic outlet and support resource for many creative people in our community. As a pioneer in Downtown Miami, The Wallflower Gallery offered something unique and needed for our emerging and established artists.

Since we closed in 2010, I have been fortunate to be involved in many dynamic productions and organizations, but still nothing has matched The Wallflower Gallery. I am often reminded by many people of how The Wallflower Gallery made a difference in their lives. I do miss it and maybe someday The Wallflower Gallery will open again, but for now I am happy to reflect on the positive memories.

One Year Later (May 2011)

I did think about setting up an anniversary event, but the financial realities & other projects got in the way. I also wanted to have more direction for a future plan than I have at the moment. The linear timing of The Wallflower Gallery is somewhat broken, but the essence & sense of purpose still remains. What is needed is to generate the financial support to make the future plans real. For that I need to flush out the NEW business plan, get the non-profit status for Artists for Community Evolution finalized and see how we can generate the initial money to make the project more balanced.

As for now, I am enjoying not being stuck in the same space as I was - as much as I enjoyed my time at The Wallflower Gallery, I do feel like I was overwhelmed & consumed by the tasks at hand. It is nice to be out & about - to see the world from a different perspective. I was in that building for the better part of a decade+ - while it was a colorful building with lots of great energy, it was limiting on a personal level. I took on the job willingly & worked with the goal to succeed, but it took a toll on me. While I want to bring The Wallflower Gallery back, I want to set it up in a way that maintains the artistic integrity, but also provides more for those involved - including better salaries, more sales & bigger audiences. If I can't do that, then we are just going to have the same problems & I don't want to do that. I want to build The NEW Wallflower Gallery as a stronger enterprise - this way the results go further.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Yesterday, I went to the site of what was The Wallflower Gallery - all of the rubble is cleared. As I looked at the ground, I saw the last remains of The Wallflower Gallery in a hole where the door used to be. I found a piece of the stairs (a painted piece of purple wood) - I picked it up as a momento - ah, memories...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I came from Downtown Miami & I saw the destruction of The Wallflower Gallery's building. I am beside myself - shock & awe - I knew it was coming, but I was Downtown about 6 hours before & there was a 2nd floor - when I came back the whole 2nd floor - The Wallflower Gallery - was GONE! I saw them take down the walls of the entrance way & the bathrooms - I had to leave before they finished.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As I work on the business plan for The NEW Wallflower Gallery, I would like to get some feedback from people. Could you share some thoughts, experiences and what YOU got from The Wallflower Gallery and our events, showcases and programs? Please feel free to write in detail. You can email me at flash3@wallflowergallery.com

Friday, September 24, 2010

With the re-organization, I am going through the CDs of live recordings from The Wallflower Gallery. They will be organized by artist & cataloged for future use. I would eventually like to create a "Live at The Wallflower Gallery Series" with the artists involved - this may take some time, but it is an idea that is worth doing. Performers should contact me if they want to be involved.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We are in process of applying for 501 C3 non-profit tax status from the IRS - it is pending with a request for more information that we are providing. I am looking for people to join the Board of Directors to make it happen. We also need to pay $300 in processing fees - donations are appreciated. Thank you for the support!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The move out of The Wallflower Gallery is FINALLY FINISHED - WHAT A TASK! Now I am working to get everything sorted and back in motion. We have a location check in South Miami on Wednesday - more info will follow!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

We removed the BIG painted flower from the wall at The Wallflower Gallery - BIG THANKS to Anibal & Ariel. Also thanks to Arthur, Adam, Colin, Leah, Tom & Alonso - together we are getting stuff done - another BIG day tomorrow and we are looking to get more people involved - PLEASE HELP. We are getting the truck here at 10:00 a.m. and going from there.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I would like to thank all of the Staff & Volunteers who have been involved in The Wallflower Gallery over the years - you guys made a HUGE difference in how WE MADE IT HAPPEN! Thanks to David, Beth, Chrissie, Karen, Alonso, Tom, Mark, Barbie, Heideloh, Eunice, Jorge, Tia, Hebe, Anne, Sarah, Dennis, Stix, Twigz, ...Carl, Xavier, Carlos, Aeric, Arthur, Lindsay, Kai, Ken, Sheik Al, Adonis, Tony, Gina, Ken-Ali, Natalie, Tara and EVERYONE ELSE WHO SUPPORTED THE CAUSE! THANK YOU ALL!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Over the last 13 years, The Wallflower Gallery has worked to bring people together with numerous artistic and social events.  Mixing elements of creativity, education and community awareness, The Wallflower Gallery continues to strive for more recognition toward South Florida's emerging and established artists.  

 The Wallflower Gallery is more than a location or collection of artists.  The Wallflower Gallery stands for many things, but expressing and sharing moments of meaning is the paramount principle.  As part of those connections, many friendships have been established and strengthened through significant interaction.  As a location, this creative space often provided that foundation for those special times, while the warm essence of The Wallflower Gallery is enriched by the joy and comradery of those within.

Right now as we transition out of the current location, we are already working on plans to RE-OPEN in a NEW LOCATION.  There have been many offers and the potential locations seem to be abundant.  Over the next couple of months, we will work to build up the financial resources to make The New Wallflower Gallery EVEN BIGGER & BETTER utilizing the knowledge and connections that we have accumulated over the last 13 YEARS to design a quality facility for the artists, performers and our South Florida community.

As part of the transition, we will be able to focus on developing Artists for Community Evolution as a non-profit organization.  This will help us with grants, sponsorship and donations.

C.D. Flash

Special Message from Flash

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The Wallflower Gallery is a multi-media arts and community facility that features a diverse selection of creative formats. As part of The Local Art Experience, The Wallflower Gallery highlights various presentations that showcase emerging and established talents - with most of the artists being from South Florida.

Within The Wallflower Gallery, there is an assortment of visual arts including paintings, photography, digital images and sculptures. In addition, there is a selection of interactive showcases that feature spoken word, dance, theatre, comedy and most diverse arrangement of musical styles in South Florida. The Wallflower Gallery also presents an independent film series that includes shorts, features & documentaries.


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