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The Wallflower Bizarre

The Bizarre offers an unconventional assortment of functional, original, artistic pieces such as candle holders, wooden boxes, hand-blown glass jars, ceramic vases, incense burners, humidors, desk ornaments, bags, African-style instruments, jewelry, aroma therapy pads, hand-woven reed baskets, along with distinctive clothing like hats, vests, silk scarves, aprons and hand-painted ties.  In addition, cards, mouse pads, matted prints and other unique reproductions are featured.

We also sell the most diverse collection of local independent music around with styles ranging from jazz, blues, rock, funk, punk, metal, ska, mediation, folk and many variations in between.

See some of our wares at the 15th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit at Tobacco Road on March 2nd!

Andrés Collazo
Angela Patuá
Arnulfo Toro
Craig Carpentieri
Diane Lublinski
Eddie Osborne
Gail Jordan
Gudrun Napp
Irma Sandoval
Izzy Armenteros
Jandel Zombel
Jay Work
Joe Raymond
Juan Morilla
Louise Magill
Luis Roberto Diaz
Marianela Borsten
Sandra Halpern-Stein
Sanford Birdsey
Tammy Linville
Tina Schneider
Wes Carson
Cheryl Ellis
Daphne Lazo
Rosalinda Rich
Xavier Cortes
Cesar Levy
Kelly Hostetler
Orestes Marcelo
Sarah Ballinger
Pedro Duquese
Abdiel Acosta
Heidi C
Barbara Brooks
Karen Curtis
Marina Lubow

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