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Dueling Conspiracies
Emerge Miami Event
October 20, 2007
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Emerge Miami

Emerge Miami is a community activist organization that provides a foundation for social interaction and information exchange throughout South Florida. By establishing educational forums and creative showcases, Emerge Miami presents various issues through art, music, spoken word, film, multi-media platforms, group discussions and individual involvement. With a focus on South Florida, Emerge Miami engages a broad spectrum of issues to highlight the relative impact on our diverse and expansive community. While networking with an assortment of local, regional and national organizations, Emerge Miami creates a base for activist convergence that builds and strengthens a extensive coalition of progressive liberal groups and individuals.

Emerge Miami utilizes Art Activism to make the issues more personal and fun. With creativity and a nurturing approach towards community development, Emerge Miami strives to empower individuals through short-term projects and long-term goals.

(Ed Note:  They are a great bunch of hard-working, inspirational folks. So if you want to make the world a better place -- and have fun doing it -- get on their mailing list and come to meetings, every Tuesday at 8pm, at the Wallflower Gallery. )

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